Over the last decade, humanity has seen some of the most brutal disasters hit our planet, and there seems to be no end in sight to the list of human-made and natural catastrophes that could befall us. 


As our population grows along with our reliance on technology and fossil fuels, the impact of these catastrophic events is going to increase dramatically. 


Depressing right? Well, keep reading; hopefully, it gets better...


While Powerless is of course game (and we hope an entertaining one) we also like to think of it as a 'Narrative Simulator', a thought experiment that allowers players to consider how they would react in certain disaster situations and challenge what they know about the natural world and their communities. 


That's why we invented M.A.U.D.E, our AI that leads players through the Powerless Simulator.


M.A.U.D.E - Mobile Assessment Unity of Disastrous Events, is at the centre of the Powerless experience; she assesses your behaviour and places you in challenging narrative situations that allow you to explore an endless list of 'What-Ifs...


Since we started working on the game in 2015 we always had one thing clear in our minds; we wanted to explore the ramifications both positive and negative of a society that was forced to live without electricity suddenly. No internet, no phones, no transports, no readily available food and water. We wanted to find out just how many people would be up to the challenge of going analogue. How many of your friends would you think could competently start a campfire, or build a shelter? How about catch a fox and prepare it to be cooked? 


In the future, we intend to create new gaming experiences based around different disasters; war, floods, disease outbreak etc. Our only rule right now is that it has to be a credible and possible disaster. No zombies for us. Yet...


One of our (many) aims with Powerless is to be able to use game data to create a global visualisation of what cities are best prepared for disaster.  Throughout the game, players are scored on the choices they make. We measure their bravery, honesty, resourcefulness and altruism and once the game is released to the general population, we are very excited about the potential analytics. While we cannot, of course, condemn players who want to walk on the wild side or play it safe, I think it will still produce exciting data. 


To make the game more fun, we added in a variety of Personas; these are unique Londoners whom we felt together create a real sense of our beloved city. Each Persona has it's own narrative but is also intrinsically linked with the other storylines. Saving one Persona's life could dramatically impact another. After all, "No man is an island." 


There are currently 9 Personas to explore each with a number of levels within each. The longer you can keep them alive, the more levels you can reach. We have designed Powerless in such a way that allows us to continue growing the world even after launch. We have another 3 Personas waiting patiently in the wings and additional levels to add to the existing Personas. 


Once you start playing Powerless, we promise to keep the world growing without annoying subscription or ads or freemium IAPs. 

Thanks for reading, 


Team Powerless.