Narratio is a small independent

game studio based in London, England.


Available on iOS, Android

and Mac OS. Coming soon to Steam


Windows, Mac, iOS and Android


Powerless is an interactive fiction experience set in present-day London which explores the devastating effect of a global power cut.


Guided by the brutally honest and frank AI "MAUDE" (Mobile Assessment Unit of Disastrous Events) you will be assigned unique personas based on answers to psychological profiling questions. Once briefed, you will enter into the simulation and experience different stages of the Powerless catastrophe. 

Explore as many personas as you can and try to keep them alive long enough to discover how deep our reliance on technology has become. As you move through the simulator, MAUDE will judge you on your honesty, selfishness, bravery and resourcefulness. 




  • Over 500,000 words of interactive fiction to explore

  • We pride ourselves on embracing diversity, Powerless features characters from all religions, genders, sexualities and races. 

  • Explore real-world issues in a disaster scenario unlike any other; there are no monsters here; just the extremes of human nature. 

  • Jump between multiple characters at will.

  • Replay; Powerless can be played over and over again.

  • Rewind to save a persona and try to keep them alive.

  • Find out how likely you would be to survive.

Narratio is a team of former advertising creatives, film directors, designers and programmers whose past work includes global advertising campaigns for the likes of Barbour International, Williams Formula 1, Crime Stoppers, Lego, Tesco, and many more.


Art Work

  • Lauren Anne Marie Carter

  • Shane Molina


  • Lauren Anne Marie Carter

  • Ryan Dean


  • Grant Stevens Wade

  • Lauren Anne Marie Carter

Audio & Sound Design

  • Tom O'Sullivan

  • Philip Quigley




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